Y 2015 / 2014 /2013

Different spaces in the house exude different characteristics that influence our way
of using each particular space. Similarly, when it comes to reading, the type of book
also determines the specific time and space where it will be read. For instance, most
people begin reading the newspaper as a morning routine on the dining table, enjoy
reading magazines in the toilet, and end their day with a night-time novel on the bed.
As people move around the house for different reading experiences, the conventional
“static” bookshelf might no longer be valid. The Mobile Library offers a more “personalised”
book storage system that allows the user to move the books to the desired location
with ease. It consists of sub-folders that people can categorise different type of books
as they would in a library.

Another item from the Mobile Series, Mobile Laundry is a laundry container designed
to blend in with the décor of any modern house. Considered as a piece of furniture
that should be admired for its aesthetics as well as function, the homeowner no longer
has to hide their usual laundry basket in the bathroom.

Materials : teak wood, leather, granite stone


“Mobile library and Mobile laundry”

Designer : Jakkapun Charinratana (Golf)


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